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A MAZE. Festival in JHB Converges Games and Art

This August gamers in Johannesburg might want to check out the A MAZE. festival, an art festival that originated from Germany and has now come to South Africa. It's an art festival that includes new events that are dedicated to Games and Media Art.

“A MAZE. is an open space for collective interaction with electronic and analog media through games, art and discourse. Alongside the presentation of digital and experimental games we develop new interfaces and associate them with New Media Arts,” says the website.

The A MAZE. Interact 2012 Games and Media Art Festival is taking place in the Johannesburg city centre from Tuesday, 28 August to Sunday, 2 September. It will be all over the city centre and will be open to the public with certain events having a cost.

“The goal of the A MAZE. Interact Festival in Johannesburg is to create an evolving platform for African and European media artists and game developers. Basically, the festival creates / opens up a playground for everyone who wants to experience the Human-Human-Machine interaction. A MAZE. Interact provides a six day program with lectures, panels, screenings, arcade, interactive installations, street games, workshops, concerts, performances and parties,” says a press release.

According to the organisers, the festival will include over 38 international and local artists, speakers and musicians showcasing their craft.

“The festival aims at bringing games, music, movies and art to the public in a dynamic, interactive and fun-filled 6-day event. It is the first time in South African art history that so many artists and creatives come together to showcase their work through the various mediums,” continues the press release.

But why Johannesburg? Thorsten S. Wiedemann says that the city has an electrified inspiring energy in the air that he experienced 15 years ago when he first visited Berlin.

“There are somehow touch-points between the two metropolises, which I want to work out together with local and international artists and create an imaginary bridge to connect both spots. I wish that we bring together a wide range of technology enthusiasts, games and art interested people to participate in the festival program, discuss local issues and foster future collaborations,” he says.

Apparently this is also going to develop into an annual festival. For more information, check out the A MAZE website.