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8ta Now Telkom Mobile with Wi-Fi Service

Telkom has announced that it's rebranding 8ta as Telkom Mobile, along with announcing its Wi-Fi hotspot service. For many Telkom Mobile customers, there will be free access to certain Wi-Fi hotspots around the country.

Why has Telkom rebranded 8ta? At the 8ta webpage, it says that it's part of Telkom Group's convergence strategy. The rebranding allows the company to offer its wider infrastructure to mobile customers.

“[This change] means that over time you’ll benefit from the leading edge technology that the Telkom Group provides. Our 3G mobile network continues to grow and is well placed to support new cutting-edge technologies as they’re launched,” says the website. “In particular, high voice and high data users will love the freedom that our spectrum will provide. Over R17 billion has been spent across the group to harmonise our systems. And, as we deliver more converged offers we’re set to simplify your mobile and fixed line accounts.

Will the 8ta brand disappear? Telkom says no.

“[8ta] will be repositioned and, later in the year... re-launched as an even more dynamic, nimble and irreverent version of itself. We’ll launch new products under the 8ta banner that will delight in their simplicity and offer great value for money. But we’ll tell you more about those exciting developments in the weeks and months to come,” says the website.

Telkom says that, along with this, will come a slew of new products.

Wi-Fi hotspot service

Telkom Mobile is now providing a free Wi-Fi hotspot service to its clients on certain contracts. Here are details gleaned from the FAQ:

    Free Unlimited Wi-Fi is 8ta’s Wi-Fi access given to selected Postpaid and Hybrid contract offers to enable them to access data or Internet at 8ta’s Wi-Fi hotspot for free

    Contract subscribers will only qualify for Free Unlimited Wi-Fi every month if Free Unlimited Wi-Fi access is specified as a feature of the offer or deal.

    Free Unlimited Wi-Fi for qualifying offers or deals will be allocated as follows:

    Free Unlimited Wi-Fi with a Fair usage cap of 10GB per month shall apply. The Free Unlimited Speed shall be throttled to 128kbps if a subscriber reaches a data usage of 10GB via Wi-Fi access before end of the month. The speed shall be reset to normal speed at the beginning of each month.

    Post-paid and Hybrid Subscribers SIM Cards allocated with Free Unlimited Wi-Fi service will be automatically authenticated using EAP-SIM authentication when in an 8ta Wi-Fi Hotpots. Customers need to configure devices for EAP-SIM authentication.

There is a list on the FAQ on which contracts do not apply.

Check out where the Wi-Fi hotspots are available in your area here.