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The Role of Initiation

A lot of thought goes into initiating a team fight, but what champion role should lead the charge? I will be going into a breakdown of the two roles that are able to initiate team fights and what they are supposed to do while the fight is going on.

True Tanks and Off-Tanks are really the only roles that should initiate team fights because of their survivability but this is not all that goes into the initiation. Firstly, you need to be very aware of the other players on your team, how much life they have, their movement speed and how much damage they would be able to do if you were to start the fight. The other thing you need to keep an eye on is the enemy team; their positioning is one of the most crucial aspects when thinking about initiating a team fight. Watch the enemy Attack Damage Carry (ADC), if they step out of line, go in and make sure that your team will be able to destroy him/her.

To be a successful initiator you need to know how to use your spells properly, you need to know exactly what they do and how long the effect will last. Ideally you would want to be the target of the first round of burst damage from the enemy team, to do so you would have to build a very high amount of health. If you are not able to live through that initial blast then you are not ready to initiate any team fights, go back and reconsider the build you are using and see if you are able to make any changes that will help you stay alive.

True Tanks:

During a team fight, most of the time you should not focus the tanks, they are just there to take the damage.You need to go for the more “Squishy” champions such as the ADC and Support. If there is a champion on the enemy team that is extremely powerful, you should focus them, normally the rest of your team will attack the champion you are focused on.

A major thing for you to know is that you must not be separated from your team, even if you are chasing down an enemy on low health, the rest of your team could be dominated. You need to keep the focus of the enemy’s attacks off of your Carries and on yourself. Your goal is not to damage and be on a rampage, the goal of the True Tank is to be scary enough that the enemy keeps their focus on you but remember that you need to protect your Carry at all costs.

Tanks do die but you should minimise the amount of times you die so that you can keep your farm up so that you are able to buy the much needed health items that will keep you from dying in the future.


Being an Off-Tank you need to be able to confuse your enemy; dart in and out, bait, switch etc. Your main job is to rush the “Squishy” enemies and try to scare them off, nine times out of ten they are the champions with the most damage potential. To fully optimise your role in the team fight you need to keep the enemy champions scared of you and make them run leaving the rest of the enemy team in the hands of your True Tank, Carries and Support. You should be able to chase champions around the map to keep them out of the team fight but keep an eye on your mini-map so that you are not caught off guard and “ganked”.

The Off-Tank role is the hardest to play so make sure you fully understand what is needed of you before choosing to play this role. True Tanks are easier to play than Off-Tanks but are still high up there in the difficulty, if you feel you know exactly what is expected of you and you are able to put it into practice I suggest you take over that role.

I hope this helps those of you out there that did not know who should initiate team fights and why. If you have any questions feel free to comment and I will get back to you as soon as I am able to.

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