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Route Sentry: Perfect for Gamers?


Route sentry is an application that allows gamers to use local and international bandwidth simultaneously, depending on what server or website they are connecting to.

The application is ideally suited to South African gamers because it allows them to play games off local severs and be on international chat programs such as Xfire or Skype at the same time, without needing to switch between Internet accounts.

It's therefore an ideal way for gamers to save costs.

Route Sentry works well for local Steam users as well, because playing on Steam requires less than a megabyte to authenticate to the official servers, upon which all game-related traffic can be assigned through gamers’ local bandwidth accounts.

Route Sentry can be downloaded here from Do Gaming, or from the Antibody Software Website.

According to the site:

Route Sentry is specially designed for South Africans who want to make use of two ADSL accounts on the same PC at the same time, with the one account being used for local access only and the other for international. Most people are put off using such a setup due to the inconvenience of having to manually set up the IP routing tables after each new connection (due to ISPs allocating dynamic IP addresses). Route Sentry makes it easy.

It will monitor your two connections and automatically route South African traffic through the “local” account while directing all other traffic through the “international” account. It will automatically reconnect if either connection is dropped (which at the moment happens at least once every 24 hrs) and keep traffic flowing through the correct connections even if the IP addresses are changed after reconnecting.

Route Sentry is compatible with Windows XP, Vista and 7. Instructions on how to install and set it up may be found here.

Although the instructions are fairly straight forward it may be difficult for first-time users to get the process right. If gamers have any problems in setting up the program, please ask any questions on this forum post and Do Gaming will do its best to assist.

Route Sentry can be set up to in two ways: the standard version supported by XP allows two simultaneous connections at once.

However, Vista and Windows 7 is slightly more complicated because not all routers support the mode. Click Next Page below to get a guide for installing the software on Windows 7.