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League of Legends and How to Record it

We all like to have recordings of our greatest feats in any game we play, whether it be cod4player to watch the demos of that unbelievable shot, or in many other cases just plain old Fraps taking up your hard drive space with its huge recordings.

Now for all you League of Legends (LoL) players that want to be able to record your game there is good news, I will be going through how you can record your games.

You will need to download a program called “LoLReplay”, it isn’t a new program, in fact it’s been out for quite some time now. This program is regularly updated by its developers and has been approved by Riot Games. Basically, what this program does, is it logs all the data of the game and keeps it aside with the ability to replay the “logs” and therefore the game. It is a great little tool and the best part is that the recordings are less than 10 megabytes.

This is what it will look like with a few replays saved.

There are many options in this application; you can set where you want your replays saved, you can also set a naming convention which includes a whole bunch of options such as: Summoner name, date, time, whether the game was lost or won and even what champion you were playing. It is very handy for storing only the replays you want to keep.

Along with the naming options, LoLReplay comes with the ability to record in two modes, namely Spectator recording or Standard recording. The difference between these two modes are as follows:

  • Recording in spectator mode lets you watch the game as if spectating a match, you can fast forward, rewind and have full vision of the map; this is great if you want to watch the game again and see how things panned out, the downside of this is that you won’t see team chats.

  • Standard mode allows you to watch the game as if you were in-game, the controls for the fast forward and pause are a little harder to use but the positive side of this is you get the chat as well, so if you want to see what was said for any reason this would be the mode for you.

Now that you have your recording what do you do with it? First off I would suggest signing up to League Replays , this will allow you to upload your replays to the site for storage. It also allows you to go to anyone else who has LoLReplay and log in and show them your cool moves.

Another thing that this is useful for is recording clips of LoL. This is a two-part effort as most people will want to watch your LoL replays/clips online. Now comes the question of how you record just a clip of one of your LoL matches. This is a bit more difficult as unfortunately LoLReplay doesn’t give you the option to record just a clip of the game. For this you will need to go back to Fraps. Once you have your game recorded and you want to take a clip out of the game and show it to the world, or maybe submit it for Play of the Week, you will need to watch your replay and skip to the selected part, then with Fraps you will record the part you want and save it. This will save you a lot of space rather than recording the whole game with Fraps.

I hope this helps a lot of you out. If you have any questions, feel free to comment and I will get back to you as soon as I can

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