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FAQ: Gaming

Want to know more about gaming and why / how it's so awesome? This article serves as a kind of frequently-asked-questions (FAQ) that will grow as time goes by, providing guides from the very basic to the technical, including guides on how to get started with gaming; how to set up a PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 on the Internet; how to log online and play with other gamers; how to take advantage of Telkom bandwidth; and much more.

Gamers who are interested in gaming competitively should look at the Competitive Gaming FAQ. That provides more guides on playing online and at LANs competitively, while this article is geared more towards general educational needs.

Console Gaming

General guides on gaming on consoles (PlayStation 3, Wii, Xbox 360)

What are Video Game Achievements?

Technical Guides

The Basics

How to set up wireless ADSL at home

The Slightly More Advanced

With local bandwidth being cheaper, there are many different ways that gamers can get their router to use local bandwidth only with local sites and international bandwidth only with international sites.

This is advantageous because it means gamers who want to play online against other gamers using a local server can do so without paying international bandwidth costs.

Two options are Route Sentry and Traffic Splitter. These are for PC. Here are articles on each:

Route Sentry: Perfect for Gamers
Traffic Splitter Lowers Bandwidth Cost

Finding the Community

Most of the local gaming community chats online using Internet Relay Chat (IRC). Gamers also use Do Gaming's Teamspeak service.

Here are two guides to help gamers get onto IRC and therefore get to know the local gaming community.

Get Onto IRC Through the Web
A Basic IRC Guide
PlayStation 3 Community Hits IRC