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Beginners Guide to Support

Some people may disagree with the fact that the role of support is one of the most important in League of Legends (LoL) but as shown by the pro players from all over the world, it is the key ingredient to any good team.

Support players are able to control the flow of the game and are responsible for a great deal of the map awareness. It might seem like they just sit there and day dream by not getting any creep score (CS) or killing any enemy heroes, but they are the people that will always do their best to keep you from dying.

Here are some tips to becoming an effective Support:


  • Always ward the river. It is your job to keep an eye on when the enemy Jungler might be able to set up a “gank”. If you are having trouble placing your ward further in the river, place in the tri-bush situated near Dragon.

  • Keep a few “pink” wards / Vision Wards on hand. They will help you out against those pesky stealth characters as well as let you take down enemy wards. Around mid-late game you should be placing pink wards by both Dragon and Baron.

  • Buy an Oracle’s Elixir to counter the enemy’s wards. By killing enemy wards you take away their map control and just like that, you are on the way to winning the game.


  • Do not take free damage while in lane. Always keep an eye on your positioning so that you are barely ever in a position to take damage. Remember that you are one of the more squishy roles and can’t be giving away free kills.

  • Protect your Attack Damage (AD) carry at all costs. Engage when he/she does and make sure he/she does not die. If you die and they get away you have done your job.

  • Do not last-hit unless your AD carry is at base. Never steal the creep kills away from your AD carry, they need them a lot more than you do.

  • Run defensive runes and masteries to help with your durability in lane, also get the increased gold runes and masteries.

As you can see, to become the Support for your team you need to be able to play responsibly and “babysit” your AD carry. You are responsible for the map control your team has as well as not dying. In the end you might feel like you are playing at least three different games but that is your job. You need be able to concentrate on your specific game, the jungle and your AD carry’s game to be an effective Support. For those who are still a little confused here is a quick four minute video on how to support:

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