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Beginners Guide to Mid

When it comes to League of Legends, most people in the higher levels fight to play mid. But why? It’s as a result of the fact that mid lane controls every other lane as it is the easiest way to get to anywhere on the map.

Here are a few of the ways you can become an effective mid laner:

Champion Choice:
The easier champions for a new player would be ranged mages who use Ability Power (AP). They are able to stay out of the fight but can still do an extreme amount of damage. You would need champions that have the ability to keep themselves in a lane even after being “poked”. Champions such as Ahri have passives that give “spell vamp” (gaining life after using a set amount of spells).

There are two goals while you are in-lane. Last hitting will help you get the gold you need to be able to start doing high amounts of damage. Trading damage with the enemy mid is a good way to push them from their lane, giving you the opportunity to gain more gold from killing creeps. Trading damage can be highly dangerous though, if you are not strong enough you may find yourself dead or “ganked”. It is always good to keep an eye on the health and mana bars of you and your opponent, in doing so you are able to know when you are able to trade damage with them.

As a mid-lane, it is your job to help overextended lanes and keep an eye on the enemy roamer.

  • Always push out the lane before roaming so that you do not lose gold and creep score (CS). If the enemy mid is not in lane, they will lose out on gold as the towers will kill the creeps.

  • If the enemy mid is roaming, take the tower. This is an effective way of scaring the other team into taking focus away from your bot or top lane.

  • If the map is infested with enemy wards, buy an Oracle’s Elixir. This will help keep the enemy sight to a minimum and give your team more control over the map.

Map Awareness:
This is one of the most important things for a mid-laner. If you are able to tell where the enemy Jungler is, you will be able to act quickly to either set up a “gank” or get away from a one that is being set up.

  • Take advantage of the enemy’s deaths. Later on in the game you need to be able to take advantage by taking Dragon or Baron while the enemy team is dead. This will help stack the gold for your team and will ultimately let you win the game.

  • Don't overestimate yourself. Stupid mistakes could easily end in a loss for your team, so keep calm and level headed even if you are 13/0.

  • Stay out of the enemy jungle if you are alone. If you go in and get spotted by the enemy Jungler you will have no support. To a Jungler that has been doing well, it would be very easy to kill you.

It is not only the job of the Support to place wards in the map. It is often difficult for them to keep your lane warded as well. To be able to prevent yourself from being “ganked” you would need to ward both sides of the river. This will give you enough time to be able to get out of a sticky situation. It also helps your Jungler to know which side of the map the enemy Jungler is on.

Here is a quick three minute video on how to solo mid:

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