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Beginners Guide to Dominion

Dominion is far less structured than the classic Summoner’s Rift, but some things are similar. It is played on the Crystal Scar map. In this guide I will tell you what you need to know before going into a Dominion match.

To win in a Dominion match you need to capture and hold more than half the points on the map. By controlling more capture points than your opponent you will start to damage their nexus, taking it from 500 health points to zero.

Before the Game:

At the start of the game you will be placed on the summoning platform with 1375 gold and a starting of level three. Both teams are held in this position to plan strategies and build options. There is a persistent aura that gives all champions experience and increased gold gain

Capture Points:

At the beginning of each game the team should allocate who the Capturer, Disruptor, Taker and Defender will be. To take a capture point simply right-click on it, and your champion will begin “channelling”. If you are hit by an enemy you will stop the channelling process. Minions spawn from capture points and attack adjacent enemy capture points. Minions are able to capture points for your team while damaging it.

  • A Capturer should have high mobility and crowd control (CC) effects. Their role is to capture undefended capture points.

  • Disruptors are those people that kill quite quickly, to disrupt captures by other teams. They should have a long range, high damage output and CC.

  • Takers focus on getting the defended enemy capture points. A Taker should have range, burst damage and Area of Effect (AoE) spells.

  • A Defender’s role is to keep captured points and stop the enemy if they come to try and take it. They should be Tanks with good harassment and farming abilities, as well as very good CC spells.


There are a few different types of buffs in Dominion. Health relics spawn in fixed locations and are used when a champion runs over them. Speed shrines persist in various locations on the map, any champion that walks through a speed shrine is given a temporary movement speed buff. Two Greater Relics spawn every few minutes in the centre of the map, and you may only capture the Greater Relic available to your team; you absorb the relic the same way you would claim a capture point. Once absorbed, the Greater Relic grants you a shield that damages enemies you attack every few seconds.

I hope this helps those of you looking to start a Dominion team to know just what you need to do.

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