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Telkom Do Gaming Championships Announced

The Telkom Do Gaming’s LAN Championships will grow again in 2013 when around 600 of the best gamers from Telkom’s Do Gaming Online League (DGL) battle it out for a share of more than R800 000 in cash and prizes. The Championships will be taking place at the rAge expo from 4-6 October in a designated VIP area below the exhibition area.

The prize pool has once again increased from last year with cash and hardware being sponsored by the likes of Telkom, Alienware, Coolermaster, Electronic Arts, Megarom Interactive, Razer and SteelSeries.

Ricus Groenewald, Telkom Specialist: Gaming, says the LAN Championships are the culmination of the DGL where over 4200 of South Africa’s top gamers have competed online through the year in games including Dota 2, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, Battlefield 3, Call of Duty 4, Counter-Strike: GO, StarCraft 2 and FIFA 13.

“South Africa has historically been an offline gaming environment. While the gaming industry is the largest entertainment industry in this country with an annual turnover of around R1.7 billion, surpassing the movie and music industries, the trend of online gaming is starting to take hold locally.

“We’re seeing more and more gamers moving online because of the opportunity to play with their friends as well as compete against the best gamers in the country. Some of the gamers will spend over 20 hours a week honing their skills in preparation for their weekly DGL match,” he says.

It’s also fantastic to see sponsors respond to the growth of the DGL with significant prizes like the 24 Aurora gaming rigs which Alienware will be giving away at the event, Groenewald adds.

While the leagues are played online, the purpose of the event is to give South Africa’s best gamers the chance to fight it out in a LAN environment to determine who the best gamers in the country are.

The breakdown of teams for the Championship is as follows:

• Battlefield 3 sponsored by EA & Alienware: 8 teams
• Call of Duty Black Ops 2 sponsored by Megarom Interactive & Alienware: 16 teams
• Call of Duty 4 sponsored by Telkom: 8 teams
• Counter-Strike: Global Offensive sponsored by Telkom: 8 teams
• Dota 2 sponsored by SteelSeries & Alienware: 20 teams
• FIFA sponsored by Telkom: 48 players
• Quake Livesponsored by Telkom: 8 players
• League of Legends sponsored by Razer & Alienware: 16 teams
• StarCraft 2 sponsored by Coolermaster & Alienware: 24 players
• Gran Turismo 5: TBA
• Forza 4: TBA

Groenewald says Telkom will lay down a dedicated fiber line of 140Mbps for the Do Gaming Championships to ensure that Battlefield 3, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, Starcraft 2, League of Legends, Quake Live and Dota 2 events are played with the lowest pings possible.

The DGL Championships will also be covered extensively on the Do Gaming portal, South Africa’s largest gaming portal with results of matches and interviews with top gamers being posted by a dedicated team of journalists at the event.

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