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illidanRa Starcraft 2 Champion

The Starcraft 2 final is over and a new champion has been crowned. Radhe ‘DvG?illidanRA’ Stringer bested Travis ‘bvd.Shase’ Weedon 3-2 in a best-of-five (BO5) match-up to determine the Do Gaming Championships (DGC) 2012 Starcraft 2 Champion.

Over the weekend, 29 players competed against each other over a series of rounds which culminated with Stringer’s victory in the final. The match saw a highly contested PvZ matchup with Weedon taking the early lead on Ohana LE. Stringer pulled one back on Shakuras Plateau to bring the scores level at 1 - 1.

A “drone barbeque’’ as spectators called it, Weedon picked up the win on Entombed Valley to bring the scores to 2 - 1 with the next match set for Daybreak LE. Stringer replied with a strong, six-pool zergling rush to bring the contest to 2 - 2 with the final match of the series to be determined on Antiga Shipyard.

The Starcraft 2 Final was devastatingly close and saw both players pulling out all the stops to preserve their title hopes. All that remained was a single map to separate Champion from runner-up.

Both competitors looked promising during the early stages of the game. Weedon went for an early mass-blink-stalker offensive which Stringer was able to fend off effectively as he continued to develop his economy. In the end, it was the challenger who triumphed after defending champion Weedon was left trailing after his failed attempt to put the match away early.

Radhe ‘DvG?illidanRA’ Stringer - Starcraft 2 Do Gaming Champion 2012

At several instances, the final looked as if it could have gone either way, with both players showing their renowned ability to perform at the highest level.

Stringer says he was surprised when Weedon took the first map. "It put me on the back foot and I had to win the next one. I had anticipated an early rush from 'Shase' on Antiga and once I managed to stop it I knew I had the upper hand. All-in offensives are always risky but I was prepared for it.

"I'm extremely pleased with my performance. I was determined to win the competition and I have done so."

Stringer wins R22,500 plus an Alienware PC, courtesy of Logitech and Alienware.Prizes were awarded all the way to eighth place. Here's how the prizes have been broken down:

1st – R22,500 (and an Alienware X51 PC)
2nd – R11,000 (and an Alienware X51 PC)
3rd – R5000 (and an Alienware X51 PC)
4th – R3500
5th – R2000
6th – R2000
7th – R2000
8th – R2000

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