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LoL DGL Winter Leg Coming Soon

The Winter Leg of the League of Legends (LoL) Telkom Do Gaming League (DGL) will be starting soon. There are 76 teams registered for this leg of the DGL, almost as many as the Summer Leg’s 80.

Most of the top teams from last leg have already registered; this will make the Premier Division very interesting to watch indeed. With both nAv | HFM and nAv | Pandas just missing out on their chance of going into the Premier Division, they have brought in some backup. There are now five nAv teams registered for the Winter Leg of the LoL DGL. With their only team that made it into the Summer Playoffs, retiring, it is now up to [TE] we Be Squishy and [TE]Team of Control to pick up where [TE]Sofakings let them down.

With the fact that registration for the Winter Leg of the DGL has been extended until 21 May, it is hopeful that we can get more teams on board to make the total teams more than last leg’s. There are many teams that played in the previous leg and some very new teams on the block. Being that LoL is still very new to DGL, it will be interesting to see how everyone does.

The Winter Leg will be starting on Tuesday, 28 May, giving the teams some time to prepare for when they will be available and which days they are able to play. The Winter Leg will span eight weeks, where each team will play one game a week. The scores for each game will need to be uploaded during that week, or a ticket will need to be sent in to the admins.

Remember that if you have not registered by the end of 21 May, you will not be able to compete in this great test of skill.

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