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Legal Dota 2 Betting on DGL

Dota 2 Lounge is a betting website that allows gamers to bet cosmetic in-game Dota 2 items on the outcome of international games and it will now include some of the Do Gaming League (DGL) games.

We spoke to Courtney ‘Augustana’ Timpson, known by some in the South African community as ‘durrrr’, who is a member of the admin team on Dota 2 Lounge and was able to shed some light on the ins and outs of betting on the website as well as what players can win.

Do Gaming (DG): Hi Courtney, please start by introducing yourself and your Dota 2 involvement in SA?

I’m Courtney ‘Augustana’ Timpson, aka ‘durrrr’. I’ve been around South African DotA forever, but as for South African Dota 2 is concerned, I’ve focused more on expanding and not being confined to the same old, same old “Twilight” days. I’ve played in a couple previous DGL’s - but with a couple of international friends.

Courtney 'Augustana' Timpson Courtney 'Augustana' Timpson

DG: What does Dota 2 Lounge do?

In general, it’s a trading site for the cosmetic items for Dota 2 as well as a betting site.

DG: How exactly does it all work?

Players will log in through their Steam accounts so that all their items are loaded on their profiles. From there, there are two avenues: ‘Trading’ or ‘Betting’.

Trading: You simply post what you want for what you have or vice versa and then wait for the community to respond or negotiate. There is a chat panel next to your trade for negotiations and offers.

Betting: We try to follow as many international games from all the leagues that we can and we allow players to bet on who they think is going to be the winner. If you think you know the international scene well enough, you’re bound to win a few items.

DG: If the DGL is included into Dota 2 Lounge, how can players get involved?

Gamers will be able to put their “money where their team is” or, in this case, items. Anyone can bet on any game and you can bet for any team. We're going to do our best to keep track of as many games as we can throughout the DGL so that players will be able to bet on many of the DGL fixtures. It’s exposure to the trading side of our site as well, so players can become more involved in general trading.

DG: What can players stand to win on the site?

Basically anything really. The odds are worked out depending on how many items are placed on each team to win. The odds are also displayed as you can see by this picture below:

DG: Is there any monetary value involved or is it simply in-game items?

There is no monetary value involved in the betting of Dota 2 Lounge and we currently accept bets with in-game cosmetic items for Dota 2.

DG: Why choose Dota 2 Lounge?

It’s where all the cool kids hang out.