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Hearthstone DGL – Groups Over, Tiebreaker Today

The group stages of the Telkom Do Gaming League (DGL) Hearthstone Insta – Clash Cup came to an end yesterday evening, with Group D and G having no clear top two in the groups, so a tiebreaker has to now be played.

Since both tiebreakers are between three people in their group, another smaller group stage will be played today, with only the top position in each tiebreaker group going through to the elimination stages. The tiebreaker groups look as follows:

Group D:

  • oldschooljanseng
  • [SSG] Mogar
  • [S17]St3baS

Group G:

  • [DvG]illidanRA
  • [S17]Neoslinkee
  • VaNquiSh

Players only have this evening to play their matches, so make sure to organise your games as soon as possible! To find the stage, just follow the link below:

Telkom DGL Hearthstone Group Stage Tiebreaker

As for the rest of the groups, the preliminary results are in, as we can begin to see who will most likely be advancing through to the elimination stages. Here are the top two players from the rest of the groups:

Group A:

  • bvd.RandomHero
  • Muggy

Group B:

  • [VeGa] Feral
  • oldschoolOverFiend

Group C:

  • WH?Noxville
  • SelfmOorD

Group E:

  • eN.brokeN_
  • VnR|Strider

Group F:

  • kknP.DeMoNiK
  • oldschoolJakkalz

Group H:

  • –BJB-feenikz
  • vH`Rival

The group winners will be advancing through to the elimination stages are the conclusion of the tiebreaker.

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