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FIFA 14 Xbox 360 Winter Leg Playoffs Released

The FIFA 14 Xbox 360 Telkom DGL 2014 Winter Leg Playoffs are upon us and the admins have been able to give the players some information on the way the Winter Leg Playoffs will be run.

There will only be Premier Playoffs after which the DGL Online Finals (DGOF) will take place. The following is the list of spots that will be taking part in the Winter Leg Premier Playoffs:

  • Premier Division: Seventh to eleventh (five players in total).
  • Open division: First to fourth per group (eight players in total).

The players will be put into two groups of six or seven players each. The top two players per group will be promoted to the Premier Division and the rest will be demoted to the First Division. The top five players per group qualify for the Online Final Playoffs which will occur directly after the Premier Playoffs.


Players who qualify in the following positions will qualify for the DGOF:

  • Premier Division: First to sixth (six players in total).
  • Premier Playoffs: Top five players per group (10 players in total).

The admins will be announcing more information on the finalisation of the Winter Leg results soon.

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