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FIFA 14 Xbox 360 Winter Leg Finished

The FIFA 14 Xbox 360 Telkom Do Gaming League (DGL) 2014 Winter Leg Premier Division has come down to win percentages, where the top two places are involved although these are still provisional results.

The Winter Leg has finally come to a close, after eight difficult weeks of gaming. There were two divisions within the FIFA 14 Xbox 360 Winter Leg and it will be interesting to see how the DGL admins will decide to run the Winter Leg Playoffs. The provisional results are as follows:

Premier Division:

  • Irshaad 'IRI_007' Mahomed has managed to finish up the Winter Leg in first place with 26 points and a win percentage of 81.48.
  • Yaseen 'Yaseen09' Amien is in second place with 26 points, losing out on first place with a lower win percentage of 75.
  • Yusuf 'JoeEbrahim' Ebrahim is in third place with 24 points.
  • Yousuf 'Yousuf9133' Mahomed finishes off the Winter Leg in fourth place with 19 points.
  • Mohammed 'momo123' sirkhot sits in fifth place with 19 points with 8.38 less percentage than Yousuf9133.
  • Andrew 'Outlaw26' Govender is in sixth place with 18 points.
  • Thabang 'mkhekza' Mashigo finds himself in seventh place with 17 points.
  • Yongama 'BossYogi' Nxiweni finished in eighth place with 16 points.
  • Taahir 'Taahir25' Vanacore is in ninth place with 15 points.
  • Ebrahim 'IcEmAnwp' Osman finds himself in tenth place with 11 points.
  • Morne 'TheKettle' Goosen is in eleventh place with 10 points.
  • Sashen 'HawkDown777' Govender retired.

For a look at the Open Division results, you can go to the DGL website. It is important to note that these are not the final results and are subject to change at the sole discretion of the DGL admins.

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