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FIFA 14 Xbox 360 Winter Leg Almost Finished

There are only a few days left before the end of the FIFA 14 Xbox 360 Telkom Do Gaming League (DGL) 2014 Winter Leg and the players are trying to fit in their final games.

The Winter Leg saw two Divisions of players going head to head to be the best in the DGL. The Premier Division comprised of 12 players, while the Open Division had two groups of 10 players. After a couple of retirements, the players found that it was a lot easier to get their games played, playing approximately one match per week, some had to play a couple more. The current standing are as follows:

Premier Division:

  • Irshaad 'IRI_007' Mahomed is in first place with one game left to play, against Yousuf 'Yousuf9133' Mahomed.

  • Yusuf 'JoeEbrahim' Ebrahim is in second place with one game left to play, also against Yousuf9133.

  • Yaseen 'Yaseen09' Amien is in third place with one game to go and a game where the scores need to be accepted, this might push up to first place.

Open Division:

Group A:[/b]

  • Yazeed 'Dolc3!' Dollie is in first place and undefeated so far.

  • Freddy 'freddy183' Barkhuizen is in second place, only losing one game.

  • Ryan 'ryanie' Leukis is in third place as a result of playing one game more than Barrie 'I R Xman' Eksteen.

[i]Group B:

  • Boris 'BorisXp' Lucas and Tiaan 'Tiaan8' Steyn are in first and second place respectively after gaining 16 points each, with it all coming down to win percentage.

  • Koketso 'dieKok' Ngele is in third place after playing one more game than everyone else in his group.

For a full look at each of the results logs, you can go to the FIFA 14 Xbox 360 Premier Division and Open Division portals.

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