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FIFA 14 Xbox 360 Provisional Premier Playoff Players

The Telkom DGL admins are working hard to finalise all the results before the start of the FIFA 14 Xbox 360 Telkom DGL 2014 Winter Leg Premier Playoffs. For now all the players can do is wait for an announcement on the finalisation of the results, the following players could however be subject to the trials that are the Winter Leg Premier Playoffs:

  • Andrew 'Outlaw26' Govender
  • Thabang 'mkhekza' Mashigo
  • Taahir 'Taahir25' Vanacore
  • Morne 'TheKettle' Goosen
  • Ebrahim 'IcEmAnwp' Osman
  • Freddy 'freddy183' Barkhuizen
  • Yazeed 'Dolc3!' Dollie
  • Ryan 'ryanie'
  • Barrie 'I R Xman' Eksteen
  • Boris 'BorisXp' Lucas
  • Tiaan 'Tiaan8' Steyn
  • Koketso 'dieKok' Ngele
  • Philani 'Philanisbu' Moyo

For more information on how the Winter Leg Premier Playoffs will be run, you can head on over to the Knowledgebase.

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