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FIFA 14 PS3 Winter Leg Premier Playoff Group Revealed

There is only one group in the FIFA 14 PS3 Telkom DGL 2014 Winter Leg Premier Playoffs, leaving only four spots available in the Premier Division for the players to fight over. The following is a list of those players trying to get into the Premier Division for the 2015 season:

  • Gino 'GinoCanha-SLB' De Canha
  • Godfrey ‘Gotta1979_XtremeGamingCpt’ Eybers
  • Nkululeko 'Macarvelah' Msimang
  • Ntokozo 'MTHIZMAN-87' Themba
  • Wade 'Wade' Twynham
  • Roger ‘xpider’ Adamson
  • Sydney ‘ZIMINDI’ Mbowane

The Winter Leg Premier Playoffs have already started and players are encouraged to start organising their games as soon as possible as a result of them having to play six games each before 18 August. Players must arrange their matches via the match threads’ comment section provided.

The FIFA 14 PS3 Winter Leg Premier Playoffs will see players competing against each other in a round robin, best-of-one, style where draws are not possible. The top four players will be promoted to the Premier Division at the end of the Winter Leg Premier Playoffs, while the rest are demoted to the First Division. Those players that are demoted will be invited to take part in the Online Final Playoffs, to try and secure themselves a spot in the Telkom DGL Online Finals (DGOF). The DGOF is where players will play for the title of 2014 DGL Champion.

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