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FIFA 14 PS3 Final Games Played

Weekends are the usual times that players prefer to have matches, that gives them the entire week to train up and get ready for that specific match up and this is not any different in the FIFA 14 PS3 Telkom Do Gaming league (DGL) 2014 Winter Leg.

The DGL has now ended and players are looking towards the admins to finalise all the results and announce the Winter Leg Playoffs. This might take some time though, as the admins must go through every single support ticket, for every game, before they finalise the results.

The 2014 DGL season is not yet over, as players will still be invited to take part in the 2014 Telkom Do Gaming Championships (DGC) closer to the end of the year. This could take the form of an Online or LAN Championship, and will be announced closer to the time.

There have only been two players retiring during the course of the Winter Leg, one in the Premier Division and one in Group B of the Open Division. This means that they will be suspended from all DGL events, including the DGC, for three months. This will still give them the option of registering for the 2015 season, but all seeding will be lost and they will have to start from the Open Division.

For more information on the current results, you can head on over to the FIFA 14 portal page.

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