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FIFA 14 PC Winter Leg Premier Playoff Groups Announced

The FIFA 14 PC Telkom DGL 2014 Winter Leg Premier Playoffs have started and the groups have been revealed. The players are ready to fight it out for a spot in the Premier Division for the 2015 season as well as a spot in the Telkom DGL Online Finals (DGOF).

The following is a rundown of the groups in the FIFA 14 PC Winter Leg Premier Playoffs:

Group A:

  • Marvin 'demar_official' Warden
  • Johan 'KeRfyYe' Gummow
  • Peter 'l-Tr1gg3rH4ppY-l' Megit
  • Muhammad Luca 'MO70_' Variawa
  • Tiaan 'S4n0x' Truter

Group B:

  • Jody '0NightFox0' Leukes
  • J.T ‘J.Thabo’ Mathibane
  • Miles 'MiloLFC' Barnett
  • Niel 'Pwnstar' Greeff
  • Jackie 'Rainz' Chung
  • Jason 'SmurFy_ZA' Murphy

The FIFA 14 PC Telkom DGL Winter Leg Premier Playoffs will be a round robin best-of-one stage with the top two players being promoted to the Premier Division and the bottom four being demoted to the First Division, but still qualifying for the Online Final Playoffs.

There are no set matches for each week and players will have to organise their games before 19 August. This gives them just over three weeks to complete all four games in Group A and five games in Group B.

Players are reminded that organisation of all matches must be done on the match threads, in the comments section provided. To start organising games, players can head on over to the FIFA 14 PC Winter Leg Premier Playoffs portal page.

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