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FIFA 13 PS3 Players for DGC Confirmed

After a long year, the FIFA 13 PS3 Telkom Do Gaming League (DGL) 2013 is coming to an end with the Telkom Do Gaming Championships (DGC) just around the corner. There are 16 players that will be making their way to the Coca-Cola Dome in Johannesburg for the opportunity to be crowned the best FIFA 13 PS3 player in South Africa.

There are a few players that played in each division during the Winter Leg that will be making their appearance and playing for the prize and bragging rights.

Premier Division Players:

  • Zuhair 'Z_EBRAHIM' Ebrahim
  • Imraan 'ImraanMau5' Mohamed
  • Wasim 'LEEDSUNITED4LYF' Ebrahim
  • Uwais 'Uwais_P' Patel
  • Abubakar 'mikkaeel' Ebrahim
  • Riaasat 'lllMOMZAYlll' Ebrahim

First Division Players:

  • Mubeen 'MOBiZILLA' Gaffoor
  • Shuaib 'Shuaib07' Hassen

Open Division Players:

  • Trivar 'camp_nou_1999' Jamunapersad
  • Dean 'The Dean' Cronje
  • Hamza 'NUFCHE' Ebrahim
  • Waqaar 'snipa-chelsea' Ebrahim
  • Privashan 'Pv24' Naidoo
  • Safwaan 'AX1S-_-L3G3ND' Ebrahim
  • Godfrey ‘Gotta1979_XtremeGamingCpt’ Eybers
  • Nadeem 'LS7_nadzzz' Ebrahim

These players will be battling it out during the DGC which takes place on 4 - 6 October 2013. Monster Headphones will be sponsoring the prizes across all of the FIFA 13 DGC competitions.

Monster sponsors the FIFA 13 Telkom Do Gaming League