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FAQ Competitive Gaming

Competitive gaming, also called Electronic Sports (e-Sports), professional gaming, or cybersports, is a growing and flourishing new sport where individuals or teams of gamers go up against other individuals or teams.

This article will detail all the relevant stories we have on competitive gaming as a type of FAQ. Stories are divided by relevant sections. To see the games currently being played in the Telkom Do Gaming Leagues, visit the Do Gaming League website.

For an FAQ on gaming in general, getting started with gaming etc., read the Gaming FAQ.

Playing Call of Duty 4

A competitive guide to Call of Duty 4

This popular four part guide shows gamers who know next to nothing about CoD4 how they can get involved with the CoD4 community and start playing competitively. It then shows players and teams how they can better their skill and become a better team.

Read part one
Read part two
Read part three
Read part four

Playing Heroes of Newerth

A Guide to Heroes of Newerth

This two part guide explains Heroes of Newerth (HoN), shows how the game is played, and provides tips on bettering skill and teamwork.

Read part one
Read part two

Getting involved with the community

It can sometimes be a daunting task to know how to get involved with the local community.

Internet Relay Chat (IRC)

Getting onto IRC
Getting onto IRC through the web easily

Opinions on the local scene

MGO series

This ongoing series examines the multi-gaming organisation (MGO) scene in South Africa, talking about its challenges, its expectations, what MGOs can do better, and so forth.

Recapping the MGO debate
MGO Series: The website
MGO Series: Moving MGOs
MGO Series: Fnatic Interview
Do Gaming Round Table Focuses on the Future

Gaming in South Africa

Get to know the scene in general and its challenges.

Is SA Gaming Growing?
Make the Circle Bigger

MGO Clan Details and News

Understand who's who in South Africa and the big news worth noting.

Ventus Gaming Emerges
West Brothers Leave Ventus Gaming

Technical stuff

Need to know how to get online, lower bandwidth costs, take advantage of what Telkom has to offer? Look no further.

Traffic Splitter Lowers Bandwidth Cost
Route Sentry Perfect for Gamers

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