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Dota 2: First Division Preliminary Results

Results are beginning to surface as we start to close out the Winter Leg of the Dota 2 2014 Telkom DGL with some interesting teams scheduled to make their way into the Playoffs.

Since the results are yet to be finalised, things are still preliminary at this point in time. The top three teams from each group in the First Division will be heading towards the Premier Playoffs alongside the bottom three teams from the Premier Division. The teams placed sixth to ninth will be heading into the Break-Through Playoffs to be joined by the top two per group in the Open Division. Teams in fourth and fifth will not take part in either of these Playoffs but will qualify for the DGC Playoffs which will take place after the Winter Leg Playoffs.

From there, to qualify for the 2014 Telkom Do Gaming League Championship, the top six from Premier Division, the top two per group in the Premier Playoffs and the top two per group in the DGC Playoffs will all be invited to take part.

To get back to the First Division standings though, Team Immersion Bl4ckLight seem to be the force to be reckoned with across the entire division by taking six wins from six games throughout the season. The team didn’t drop a single game in what is arguably one of the toughest groups in the First Division.

Other teams across various groups like Xperts@Total Chaos RaiN, DUC, Another Clan, Midas Gaming, viViD eSports and nAv Gaming Veneration all only dropped one game throughout the season, making them all sturdy opponents. At the time of writing Ventus Dota 2 also have an undefeated reign but have only played four games so when disputes are settled, it’s likely Ventus will join the likes of the teams listed above.


Premier Playoffs

Breakthrough Playoffs

DGC Playoffs




Group A

Team Immersion Bl4ckLight

Xperts@Total.Chaos RaiN

BerZerK Gaming No Plan’B

Damage Control Dota

Time To Shine

Sorted Gaming Make some Plays


Invoke eXorT

ODG Valhalla


Group B


Another Clan

Some Random Slackers

Qibr BelieveInDreams


Intrant Vacuo

Sector 17 Gaming Zephyr


Pride Gaming


Group C

Midas Gaming


Sounds Legit Alpha

Nieu Meta

Kill YourSelf

We Allways Troll

Super Serial Gamers Tetris

sKreaM Gaming

PiXel Gaming


Group D

viViD eSports

nAv Gaming Veneration


IceIce Baby

Volvo Pls fix


Out of Darkness

Vires Acquirit Eundo