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DGL Transfer Window Open

The 2014 Telkom Do Gaming League (DGL) Winter Leg continues into match week six with teams looking to build for the annual Do Gaming Championships (DGC) later this year.

Since the first transfer window ended on 9 June, rosters have been ‘locked’ up until now, but with the second official Transfer Week of the Winter Leg officially open, teams look to strengthen, or correct, their squads as we approach the end of the season.

It's not unusual for teams to experience unforeseen roster difficulties throughout the length of the league competition and as such, the DGL has scheduled two, separate, transfer windows for teams to reorganize themselves, while preserving their 'core line-ups'.

`uNk|Ap3x in particular will be looking to delve into the transfer window, having failed to field the correct amount of ‘core players’ in their recent matchups.

The team was scheduled to meet eN.Frost on Sunday, 22 June but were forced to forfeit the four points after a breach in the DGL Rules and Regulations saw them fail to meet the ‘core line-up’ requirements of the Ghosts PC Winter Leg Premier Division.

`uNk|Ap3x currently sit in fifth place, two points clear of relegation, but could risk losing out at a spot in the annual Do Gaming Championships should they fail to remedy their line-up in time.

Important Transfer Guidelines:

If the DGL find a team that does not have the minimum number of 'core players', the team in question, will forfeit all of its matches until the next transfer window.

Team captains are not permitted to change their team line-up during any stage of the competition, with the exception of these transfer windows.

Teams may not use players who are not in their line-up on the DGL site and Do Gaming may block a player transfer if it deems such action necessary.

The second Winter Leg transfer window opened on Monday,23 June (Match-Week 6), and is set to close the following Monday, 30 June.

For more information, check out the official Rules and Regulations page.