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Delta Gaming Institute

Delta 5 Gaming (D5g) has been in the competitive e-sports scene since late 2009 and they have decided that to further e-sports in South Africa (SA), it will be good to have an institute where people can learn what they need to know to become competitive gamers.

D5g co-owner Keegan 'Thunda' Stewart has been kind enough to let us in on what they have done and what you, as a new gamer, can do to become part of this initiative. According to Stewart, “the division was created for a number of reasons, targeting females, young gamers, inexperienced players and even to the extent where we are informing these players on the possibility of gaining their provincial colours within e-sports and possibly representing South Africa.”

The clan is currently taking part in Starcraft 2, Dota 2, League of Legends, and is looking towards Call of Duty Ghosts as well as Battlefield 4. The DGi already has 52 members, including admins. These members have been split up into nine teams of differing strengths. Joining this institute is actually quite simple and the way to move up is pretty much all about practice.

As Stewart puts it, “during the induction into the family, rather than community, we firstly brief each team and individual on what is expected for them to graduate into D5g. They are firstly identified and classed according to their strengths, from where we then teach them basics within the game, if it is needed. They in turn are then to practice independently playing public matches, until they feel that they have improved as players. We then place them into a team within DGi, where they can begin playing competitive inter clan matches against the well-structured D5g teams. Once they are confident with the structure of competitive gaming they will then undergo a trial, of up to two weeks, of hard analyses of their communication skills, team work, and their place socially within the clan. The clan is based around the social factor, where players are enticed to join even if it is to socialise with friends.”

The DGi is still quite new and is having a few problems where TeamSpeak servers are concerned as their current server can take a maximum of 30 players at a time. In this way it makes it more difficult for the trail teams to get their practice in.

The correct procedure in joining the DGi is to email one of the admins or contact them on TeamSpeak. You are also able to send through a recruitment form on their website. Unfortunately the website is having some technical difficulties at the moment.

According to Stewart, “any player or even a full team are welcome to join, provided they contact any Head admin, senior Admin, divisional admin or clan owner, from where their TeamSpeak channels, Do Gaming League (DGL) teams and Electronic Sports League (ESL) teams can be created.”

You can find where to contact the admins via their DGi DGL page.