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CMaster Invitational Sees Top DGL TrackMania Talent in Action

The CMaster Invitational starts next week, and sees some of the top talent from the TrackMania Nations Forever (TMNF) Telkom DGL 2014 Winter Leg taking part in an exciting community-made competition thanks to the hard work of Neil “CMaster” Cross.

The main event will feature 16 players, with 15 players being invited so far, but racers still have a chance to grab the wildcard spot by entering into the Playoffs.

The 15 invited players are:

1. CMaster
2. Zymbaco
3. Heckers
5. pixelated!
6. Peetie
7. Elf
8. ThE_DuC
9. M33t_uP
10. Sixstring98
11. Souswurm
12. Draglor
13. Slash DJ
14. Thatoke
15. Witwolf

Entries for the Playoffs close Monday 28 July at 6pm, so if you want to enter make sure to do so on the weekend before it is too late. Phase one of the playoffs will see all these entrants play one Time Attack game of 20 minutes, with the winner moving through to the tournament.

After that all 16 players enter a 1v1 group stage, and will battle against their friends from round to round. The winner of each round will claim ten points to his cause, while the second place finisher will only get six.

The rest of the tournament is still to be announced, but with so many good racers around, this tournament will no doubt be a showcase of local talent, as well as a good opportunity for some more great local TrackMania video content.

To stay tuned to all the action, you can check out the tournament either on the CMaster Invitational website or the DGL forum.

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