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Topic of the Day: Bye Bye the MGO

Over at the Do Gaming forum, the term “multi-gaming organisation” (MGO) is coming under some serious fire, with one gamer saying that the term itself should be jettisoned for “multi-gaming clan” (MGC) and many agreeing with him. The conversation started after some ongoing discussions around exactly how to define an MGO at the South African eSport wiki and which clans / clubs in South Africa should be listed under that label.

Check out the discussion here.

Currently, the definition for an MGO at the wiki is stated as such:

    Multi-Gaming-Organisations (MGO's) are in many ways like clans or clubs except they are focused on the business aspect of eSports and are made up of many competitive teams. While the teams within MGO's are often managed in the same way a normal clan is managed, the organisation's top level management would include marketing, business and public relations personnel. In short, an MGO functions like a business while, in general, clans / clubs do not.
This discussion is actually important for the South African eSports landscape as there is a need for some formalisation around many of the terms we use. “Curious” at the forums says that the term “multi-gaming clan” (MGC) is more appropriate for reasons he outlines at the forum, with many gamers agreeing. Colin Webster, MSSA president, also raises some interesting points.

Bye bye MGO's?

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