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Breakthrough Playoffs scheduled for Dota 2

The groups and teams have been decided for the 2014 Telkom DGL Dota 2 Winter Leg Breakthrough Playoffs and teams have been split into four different groups looking toward the next segment of the DGL.

The top four teams from each group will move up to the First Division for the next Leg while the top two in each group will qualify for the Telkom Do Gaming Championship (DGC) Playoffs. Every other team below that will be demoted to the Open Division for the next run of play.

The same rule applies with line-ups as is written on the game page:

The five players whom played the most matches for you during the Winter Leg (check your line-up history in your clan profile) are now your new core players. Ensure at least three of those 5 core players stay within your team during the playoffs.

Any new players you field during the playoffs who were not fielded in a match as part of your team during the Winter Leg, must remain in your team until the transfer window in the 2015 Season. This is very important to remember! This is a rule to prevent once-off subs.

The rosters lock on 28th of July and will remain locked until the end of the playoffs. Ensure you make the needed changes before then as a mistake or bad management could damage your chances at qualifying for the Championships!

Take a look at the Breakthrough Playoffs page on the DGL website here.

Group A

The Great Gatsbies
hacKME Gaming
Nerfed to Death
Out of Darkness
Sector 4 Gaming Prime
Suid Afrikaanse Ninjas
Sorted Gaming Make Some Plays
Gaming Synthesis Chimera

Group B

7 Elements Gaming
Glaciem eSports
Intrant Vacuo
In-Finity Gaming
Pls dnt flame us r new NewB
Sector 17 Gaming CYKAS
Sector 4 Gaming Vanguard
Warriors At Rampage
Super Serial Gamers !Tetris

Group C

Blue Jean Bomse
Comrade Gaming
Rocket Propelled Pandas
Sector 17 Gaming Zephyr
sKreaM Gaming SAMA
We Allways Troll
The Elite Conspicuous

Group D

BattleNet Boys
Casual F@cken Doto
Infestus Leto Gaming
Sigh Gaming
Oakhill Dota Oaks
Prodigy Gaming