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Blops 2 Premier Results Finalised

The results for the Premier Division in the Black Ops 2 (Blops 2) Telkom Do Gaming League (DGL) 2013 Winter Leg have been finalised, as we now begin to look at what teams will be entering the Winter Leg Playoffs starting next week.

Not much has changed since the provisional results were released, but we do see one team no longer with us in the Premier Division, as eighth place finishers, eLement – qwe retired shortly after the conclusion of the Winter Leg. Do Gaming has not managed to get hold of anyone in eLement Gaming to find out what happened to the team, but the truth will surely become clear over the coming week.

Here are the final standings for the Blops 2 Premier Division:

  • bvd.Aurora
  • iM`Blops 2
  • bvd.X51
  • eVo_ZA`vipeR#
  • eN.Blaze
  • OS~Renegades
  • eN.Frost
  • eLement - qwe
  • iM`Resurrection
  • impi (BO2)

The Black Ops 2 DGL 2013 is sponsored by Megarom.