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BFB laRd Win COD4 DGL Champs

BFB laRd has surprised the competitive gaming community in South Africa to hand Bravado their first two map defeats on LAN in three years to take the Telkom Call of Call of Duty 4 DGL 2011 Championships.

I most of all humbly eat my words as I predicted Bravado to win the Championships!

Bravado might not agree, but Stephen “trolley” White’s coffee spill in the first map (Strike) appeared to change the entire match. White was pumped after he clutched twice to win the round and Bravado were leading 7 – 4 on attack. He slammed the desk and spit the coffee.

Greg "Rora" van der Spuy during the break for spilt coffee.

Bravado had to stop to clean up the mess and it totally changed the game. The game had been tied up to 4 – 4 when Bravado surged ahead to 7 – 4. But after the coffee spill, laRd came surging back. They took the last round before half time to make it 5 – 7 at half time. They then took another two rounds on attack to make it 7 –7.

It was clear that laRd was picking up momentum and Bravado played their opposition’s style of CoD4 and not their own.

From there they traded rounds with Ian “iTR” Robertson doing particularly well with three kills in a round. It was one of the few times that actually happened in the game.

Bravado were often the team to go one ahead, but laRd kept pulling it back. It was at 11 – 10 to Bravado that things turned. Bravado maintained a man advantage on the map down to three on three whereupon laRd took a three on two and then two on one advantage before taking the map.

They trounced Bravado on the next round to go 12 – 11 up and pulled the last round back from having one man down in a three vs four scenario to win a two vs one scenario to win the map.

And so they moved onto Crash and Bravado attacked first, which was the harder side. LaRd managed to move into a 3 – 1 lead before Bravado pulled it back to 4 – 5. However that was where the game changed.

Rynier “Cranky” Schoeman had two kills with laRd taking the round with a three man advantage to make it 6 – 4 and laRd found themselves in two on one scenarios over the next two rounds to extend their lead to 8 – 4 at the half.

Bravado had to come out hard after the break, but they did not. It was laRd who won the first round on attack with a three man advantage to make it 9 – 4. Bravaado won the next four rounds to make it 10 –8 but then laRd came storming back decimating Bravado without losing a man to make it 11 - 8.

The next round was a must-win for Bravado and Chris “Evax” Noble clutched twice at the end to win the round for laRd to make it 12 – 8.

This was simply too far for Bravado to come back from. They pulled back one round before laRd raced into a five on three scenario and won the round with three men still standing.

Stephen “troley” White admits that they were simply outplayed.

“There were so many times in the first map where we had a man extra but we just failed to capitalise. We know how important it is to win the first map on LAN and this year we did not do it. The momentum swung to Bravado and they took the game,” he says.

It is the first two maps Bravado have lost on LAN in three years and it marks the end of an era as White has already planned to go to South Korea in 2012 and the rest of the team seems unlikely to stay together although CoD4 players are notorious at hanging up the deagle only to return again.

Congratulations must go to laRd for a deserved win. It has been a long time coming for players like Greg “Rora” van der Spuy and Chris “Evax” Noble who never soared to the heights they hoped for at the now defunct Pantheon Gaming.

The abilities of both Robertson and Schoeman served the team really well and the sole remaining member of Trevor Henry’s laRd team played an important role in laRd’s victory with a couple of insane kills.

It’s been thrilling Championships with R160 000 in cash available to gamers.

And it’s been intense. As this article is written DC is drawn 5 – 5 with Bravado in Counter-Strike 1.6 and both FIFA 11 and Starcraft 2 saw some amazing upsets with some of the top seeds being sent home in each division.

The stiff competition certainly bodes well for competitive gaming in South Africa with laRd proving most emphatically that anything can happen in a LAN competition.

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