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BF3 DGL Weekend Action

The first week of the Battlefield 3 Telkom Do Gaming League (DGL) 2013 Summer Leg looks to hit its height this weekend with most of the games taking place on Sunday. But first, let's recap last night's game in Premier between =ASF=AquilA and [SiB]Hammer.

ASF emerged as the victors with some pretty good scores. But AquilA captain Joel 'JokeR' Perdigao says it wasn't easy going at first.

“We struggled in the beginning on Bazaar. We wanted to do an armour push but our tank driver dropped. They held it well and eventually we got it back and things starting going our way,” he says.

Grand Bazaar saw tickets counts of 102 – 0 and 223 – 0 to AquilA. Perdigao says Siene Crossing, the next map, saw his team bottlenecking SiB, and slowly they took the map 219 – 0 and 194 – 0.

“Juan 'Bakgat' Van Wyk's tank performance on C last night is really worth mentioning,” he says. “As to the new season, we've got a new team and are busy trying lots of things out, but we're looking forward to the leg.”

It was the second game of the week with RFH and NSD kicking the season off on Wednesday. On Sunday evening we'll see [SSG] Umshiniwam and [grrr]Baggers go head to head, while =ASF=Hawks.ECS and [TE]Infamous will also be on the battlefield.

The Premier League's big game for the week is no doubt iM Redemption and Bravado, which has now been moved to Monday night.

The First Division sees most of the teams also battle on Sunday night. This week, however, =iK=Syntax took out [SiB]Anvil on Grand Bazaar and Talah market in a 901 – 0 affair, while BzK-Furia were the victors on Karkand and Bazaar against PewPew Rampokkers.

There, however, it wasn't all that clear cut in the beginning – PewPew took the first round on Karkand with 161 tickets on hand but Furia came back strongly on the next round, winning by 210 tickets. From there it was Furia's game with 150 – 0 and then 91 – 0 on Bazaar. The game was also plagued by lag issues.

It's [SSG] Packet Loss vs HpX | D.E.M.O.N.S and [SS]Resurrection vs HpX | A.N.G.E.L.S on Sunday. Monday sees RFH Death Guard go against (Anw)AntiNaggingWives.

Week One ends on Monday. We'll tally up the results across the Divisions on Tuesday.

[SSG] Umshiniwam vs [grrr] Baggers this weekend - whose game?
[SSG] Umshiniwam
[grrr] Baggers

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=ASF=Hawks.ECS vs [TE]Infamous this weekend - whose game?

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