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Azuca Wins Gamescom Write-Off

AJ ‘Azuca’ van Dyk has won the Do Gaming Gamescom Write-off for his article Something to think about, winning a trip to Gamescom 2012 which is taking place in Germany next month.

“I've never really been so nervous in my entire life. I was watching the scores and didn't know exactly how it was going to work out, especially as Rean [Combrinck] eventually got a higher score. Would the actual score count? Would the number of votes count? I didn't know. And it was so close,” van Dyk says.

Indeed it was. In fact, all three contestants – van Dyk, Rean ‘Pafuriza’ Combrinck and Jenni vd Merwe – were neck and neck on the community scores since votes were opened yesterday. When voting closed this morning, however, Combrinck was ahead on the community score with van Dyk coming second and vd Merwe third. In terms of the number of votes, however, van Dyk was way ahead of the other contestants.

But the judges still needed to vote, which would have a significant swing on how things would work out. So much so that van Dyk won the competition by only a small fraction – in fact, he won by only .3 percent – with vd Merwe coming second for her story, The Life Cycle of a Game. It was the sheer number of votes on van Dyk's article that tipped the scale to his favour and just a few more votes on vd Merwe's article would have secured her the win.

“When I started writing, I never thought that it would end with something like this. I didn't even know about the competition when I posted my first article (The Battle for Windy Hill). Now all of a sudden I'm heading off to Germany, when I've hardly ever even travelled outside of Kwazulu Natal! It's insane,” van Dyk says.

Van Dyk has been a gamer for a very long time and remembers the days of DOS, 386 PC's and Space Quest. He is looking very forward to the trip with Gamescom being one of the biggest gaming expos in the world.

Van Dyk will be representing Do Gaming as a freelance writer at Gamescom (should his visa be approved), so you'll be reading more from him and his experiences at the event.

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