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3D Hearthstone?

Chinese gamer 绯雨闲人 has taken the incentive to simulate Hearthstone battles in 3D using World of WarCraft character animations.

Blizzard's competitive collectible card game offers players a blend of traditional TCG and WarCraft lore to produce one of the more pleasing online experiences and is quickly taking the world by storm.

Registrations for the Telkom Do Gaming Hearthstone League currently sits at 240, a small indication of the 2D Card game's astounding popularity, but it might not be 2D for long.

Many believe that a lack of 3D models in Hearthstone was a missed opportunity by Blizzard but this particular Chinese gamer has taken the first steps at possibly changing that.

Check out the video below:

The registration period has been extended until the 26 January, with the Summer Leg scheduled to start on 3 February.

Players can register for the Telkom Do Gaming Hearthstone League here

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