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119 Teams So Far in Dota 2 DGL

Registration for the Dota 2 Telkom Do Gaming League (DGL) 2013 Winter Leg have reached an all-time high with Dota 2 as the registered number of teams nears 120.

At the time of writing, the Dota 2 DGL 2013 Winter Leg sees 119 teams signed up for the eight week leg as we head towards the close of registrations. Registrations are open until Tuesday 21 May, so we could see more teams signing up. The 119 number is a special one for the DGL as it marks not only the highest number of teams to partake in the same game, but also beats the record of Dota 2 competitive teams from the Summer Leg, which was 117.

This goes to show that Dota 2 is a fantastic game that has reached out to many members of the South African gaming community and continues to gain popularity. Credit for the growth should probably go out to Valve who has made the game very accessible with it being free to play as well as it currently being punted as part of the Western and Eastern Qualifiers leading into The International 3 later in the year.

SteelSeries sponsors the Dota 2 Telkom DGL SteelSeries sponsors the Dota 2 Telkom DGL

Players interested in signing up for the Dota 2 DGL 2013 Winter Leg can head over to the registration page where you will be required to field a team of at least five core players, with two reserves for each team.

Teams will take part in DGL matches every week and will play in a best of two format. This leaves the possibility of a draw open as each team can take one map each. A 2 – 0 victory is worth four points, a 1 – 1 draw is worth two points and a 0 – 2 loss is worth one point. Each team will be able to choose their default server for one game, while the other team will choose theirs for the second. Games that consist of only one game (tie-breakers for example) will be defaulted to the local South African server.

Currently, the only rule change is the bug with the Armlet of Mordiggian on the Lone Druid’s Spirit bear which can be found here. For those gamers who are debating whether or not it is a bug or an intended gameplay mechanic, you can refer to the Dota 2 dev forums where it has been confirmed as a bug.

The Dota 2 Telkom Do Gaming League (DGL) 2013 is proudly sponsored by SteelSeries.